Quality Home Appliances Repair

Toronto Home Appliances is a registered Sole Proprietorship company that is based in Toronto, Canada. This company was established in 2009, to serve the population of Toronto and the GTA with the primary goal of bringing quality essential service to your doorstep, and further, into your home.

High Quality Service

We deliver quality and professional home appliances repair services

Same Day Service

We offer same day appliances repair and maintenance services.

Affordable Service

We provide low cost repair services, with out compromising quality


Appliance Repair and Maintenance

The objective of Toronto Home appliances is to guarantee the maximum satisfaction, ensure your family’s safety, and relieve you of any stress, regarding the installing or repairing or servicing of your home appliances. Your goodwill is the highest reward we strive for at Toronto Home Appliances.

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Our Vision

To deliver Prompt & Professional Service

The Vision statement of Toronto Home Appliances is to respond to customer calls at the earliest hour, and provide the best quality of services towards the needs, keeping service charges competitive and just.

Our Mission

Customer Satisfication & Affordable Services

Our mission is to bring you, the customer, the greatest satisfaction and relief, for any issues or problems that you might face with your home appliances, or installations of appliances that you need, all at the minimal charge for the top quality service.

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